Use of hyphens in thesaurus terms and record titling

The purpose of this advice is to inform agencies that hyphens can not be used in thesaurus terms in TRIM but can be used in the free text titling field.

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Explanatory information

Hyphens were removed from corporate thesaurus terms and agency-specific functional terms in TRIM in June 2005 because of the adverse affects on record imports and interfaces with business systems using the Software Development Kit (SDK). The current versions of TRM do not accept new thesaurus terms with hyphens.

When the problem was first identified, hyphens in the free text titling field had similar adverse effects and were also removed. The problem no longer applies to the free text titling field so hyphens can now be used in file titles.

The following corporate terms were modified to remove the hyphens:

Current term Modified term
Anti-Discrimination Anti Discrimination
Anti-Discrimination Commission Anti Discrimination Commission
Auditor-General's Office Auditor General's Office
Break-ins Break Ins
Business Process Re-Engineering Business Process Reengineering
By-laws Bylaws
Co-ordination Committees Coordination Committees
Co-research Co research
E-Mail Email
Electronic Mail (E-Mail) Electronic Mail (Email)
Inter-Library Loans (ILL) Inter Library Loans (ILL)
Multi-Cultural Affairs Multi Cultural Affairs
NT Attorney-General's Department NT Attorney General's Department
Out-Sourcing Out Sourcing
Semi-Active Records Semi Active Records
Semi-Current Records Semi Current Records

More information

The NT Archives Service is responsible for developing, managing and implementing Records Management Standards for the NT Government, including the NT Government Corporate Thesaurus.

The regulatory basis for records management is the Information Act 2002, Part 9 - Records and Archives Management.

Last updated: 29 July 2019

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